Brik of tchekchouka or Mhadjeb with diouls

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Brik of tchekchouka   or      Mhadjeb with diouls

                                                                             محاجب الديول


Brik aux poivrons et tomates



Yesterday, I wanted to eat briks and mhajebs but did not have the time to do both (Or rather not  the courage lol), so I prepared Briks with the stuffing of mhadjebs and the result was very nice (I’ve also added a little grated cheese). You can use the stuffing of tomatoes and peppers or that of my mhadjebs, tomatoes and onions (recipe here)



5 Peppers (or onion)
5 Tomatoes
1 garlic
1  egg
Grated cheese
2 tbsp oil
Salt, black pepper, paprika
Oil for frying


Roast the peppers and tomatoes. Peel
Squeeze the tomatoes to remove seeds.
Dice the peppers and tomatoes.
Sauté in a pan with garlic and 2 tbsp of oil. Season
Cover with a little water and let it simmer until the sauce is reduced.
Mix the egg with 1 tbsp of sauce and then throw this mixture on the tchektchouka. take off the heat immediately.
Place in the centre of each dioul sheet 1tbsp of the stuffing , sprinkle with cheese and fold as to form a square.
Fry in hot oil.
Drain and serve with lemon juice.


brik 2 brik au chakchouka

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