Turkish pancakes or bread

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 Turkish Pancakes or Bread with Spinach


pain turque.


During my holiday in Turkey, a niceTurkish  lady was kind enough to show me how to prepare Turkish pancakes, or stuffed Turkish bread. The pancakes can be stuffed with spinach, cheese, meat, vegetables, etc., or stuffed with sugar and cinnamon and brushed with butter for a sweet option- I tested it and and it's very nice --. Without stuffings, these pancakes are served as bread to accompany any delicious Turkish dishes. I brought back with me a special tagine to cook this bread but I have not had time yet to do it, so I share with you her pancakes while waiting for mine.. lol


crepes turque aux epinards.



1 / 2 kg flour
1 / 2 cup of yogurt
1 / 2 glass of milk
5 eggs



Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous dough.
Divide the dough into 5 balls.
Roll out each ball to get a puff of a few millimeters thick.
Spread the dough again.
Cover with a layer of finely cut spinach.
Cover with another circle of dough.
Cook on a tagine or a pan with very little oil.


pain turc

crepes turque

crepes turque aux epinards..

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