Syrian sweet bird's nest with katayef

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 Syrian Sweet Bird's Nest with Katayef (Ktaif)


gateau syrien


 I add to my sweets index , this  Syrian sweet, bird's nest or ouch el boulboul with Ktayaf (angel hair) and dried fruit. Very easy and quick to prepare. Drizzle with honey, it's a treat to accompany a cup of tea ..



gateau nid d'oiseau



Ktaif, angel hair
Dried fruit (for me a mixture of walnuts and almonds)



Undo the ktaif using melted margarine.
Butter the molds.
Arrange a layer of ktayif on the molds.
Cover with a layer of crushed dry fruits with honey.
Cover with another layer of ktaif.
Brush with melted margarine.
Bake in a moderate oven until the cakes have a golden brown color.
Invert cakes then dip them in honey.
Decorate as you wish.


gateau nid d'oiseaux

gateau ouch el boulboul

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samia 11/08/2010 11:05

sublimes tes gateaux j adore!