Spinach Tomatoes and Mushrooms Pie

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Spinach, Tomatoes and Mushrooms Pie




Today I share with you my pie with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms that I forgot in the oven lol. This is the first time I have prepared it with tomatoes and personally I prefer the one I used to do ... .. Spinach and bechamel. ... I'll probably do it next week ..





The crust pastry


300g flour

150g butter

1 pinch salt

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons cold water






Tomato Sauce

1 egg











Mix the butter cut into small cubes with the flour and salt until a sandy powder


Add the egg and then gradually the water while assembling the dough into a ball.


Cover and let to cool for 1 hour.




Cook the spinach.


Prepare the tomato sauce.


Sauté mushrooms in oil.


Add to the tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, olives cut into small pieces and one egg.




Divide the dough in half.


Roll the first half on a lightly floured surface.


Line a greased pie tin.


Spread the filling mix on the Dough.


Add grated cheese.


Roll the rest of the pie crust.


Cover the filling by the second pie crust. While welding the edges of the pie.


Brush with a little  beaten egg.


Bake in preheated oven for 45-60 min GM5


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sana 03/06/2010 15:38

Trés jolie et certainement trés bon, petite question avec quoi tu as coupé ta pate du dessus? bise$$$$$

JANY 03/06/2010 14:47

bon week-end ! bise$.

culinarydelights 03/06/2010 03:33

I have the same mould with which you decorated the top layer . i tried it once but wasn't sucesseful in placing it on top of the filling and obtaining a beautiful result as yours. any tips?

xxs and $$$$$$$$$$

couscousandpudding.over-blog.com 03/06/2010 18:42

to be honest I have used it for the first time yesterday..lol..even i had it in the cupboard for ages..lol..but i think i didn't use it properly..lol,,you need tu use your rolling pin to lift the
pastry...good luck..xxx

amour de cuisine 03/06/2010 00:02

sublime, bravo ma chere

bigmumy - Ma cabane aux Délices 03/05/2010 23:20

Très belle tourte super appétissante
bonne soir€€