Recipes for Eid al Adha, Aid el kebir

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  Eid el Adha menu


As we approach the feast of Eid al-Adha or Eid el Kebir and at the top of my recipes listed in my Algerian cuisine category  I suggest to you a collection of dishes called my Eid El Kebir  Menu. Subscribe to my newsletter if you do not want to miss these recipes as you will receive an email whenever I publish a new article ..















(Recipe here)











chtitha bouzelouf










Chtitha Bouzelouf

(Recipe here)

























  (Recipe here)











chtitha lham












  Meat tajine

Chtitha Lham

( Recipe here)










chtitha mokh













Chtitha Mokh

(Recipe here)










kebda-mcharmla thumb








  Liver in sauce

Kebda Mchermla

(Recipe here) 














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um almujahid 11/27/2010 13:39

mashaaAllah! yours is a proper Algerian food blog! Never seen those recipes on line ;)

couscousandpudding 11/28/2010 10:40