Coconut Mchewak

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Coconut Mchewak


mchouwak a la noix de coco


Today I present you this coconut mchewak which I love but at the end I realized that my coconut was not enough grounded to powder, the result is beautiful because I love coconut but it would have been better with the powdered one ..


3 measures of coconut

1 mesure sugar

1 tsp  vanilla

1 t sp baking powder

eggs (3 or 4)



Mix coconut, sugar, vanilla and yeast.

Add whole eggs one by one until a soft dough.

Shape into small balls and coat in coconut.

Put in small cases and decorate with beads or candied fruit.

Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown obtain.



mchewak a la noix de coco

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