Classement des blogs culinaires 2010

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logo aftouchHello my friends ....

I have been persuaded to participate in
ranking of the best culinaryfrancophones blogs Site

Click on the logo to enter the website...

My blog is less than a month old and I am very new to the blogging world, so no chance to be among the first .. lol ... but It's a good idea to show my blog to other people.. lol , I don't expect to be among the first but if you like my recipes and my way of explaining and photographing my method of preparation then your vote is  welcome lol. You must register (it's free lol) before you vote and one vote per day per account is counted.. so if you vote for me today, you can also vote the next day and so on ... the ranking has already started, so I'm a little bit late and it will be completed in late May ...  You can vote for multiple blogs at the same time.

Note: I am involved with my blog
                      couscous et puddings
So just type in the name of my blog in the search box and vote .. lol

Thank you for your participation



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Lila 03/04/2010 23:00

ahhh c'est bon.
J'ai voté gros bisous 03/04/2010 23:16


Lila 03/04/2010 22:30

Salam je te souhaite bonne chance.
Je voudrai voter pour toi mais je voit pas ou il faut voter explique moi.
Bisous 03/04/2010 22:45

et bien quand tu clique sur le logo,,le site de aftouch s'ouvre ,,tu met couscous et puddings dans la fenetre de recherche et tu clique,,puis tu vote,,mais il faut t'inscrire d'abord pour
voter...merci loutaa

Mehdi 03/04/2010 19:53

ya yemma chhal bnina, nakoul ounzid

bigmumy - Ma cabane aux Délices 03/04/2010 18:23

bravo, tu as bien fait de t'inscrire tu as toutes tes chances !!!!
je voterai chaque jour toi !!!
bonne soir€€ 03/04/2010 18:28 vote tous les jours pour toi aussi..bizzzz

louiza 03/04/2010 16:19

bonne chance ma belle
bisous$$ 03/04/2010 17:09