Braj or Bradj: Algerian semolina Sweets with Dates

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 We already feel the spring with these beautiful sweets or semolina lozenges  filled with dates. These cakes are also called Mbarja or mtakba in Algiers (but without dates). 


les bradjs


  bradj aux dattes

- 1 kg of medium semolina 

- 200g  of butter

- Salt

- Water

- Orange blossom water


- Cinnamon

- Dates paste or elgherss 


- Knead the  date paste  with a little oil, cinnamon and a little orange flower, until the dough becomes smooth and malleable. 

- In a bowl, combine semolina, salt, melted butter, and mix very well, then add  the orange blossom water. 

Mix everything together and divide dough into two equal parts. 

Flatten a ball of dough,  then cover with the dates paste (which should be approximately 1 cm thick) and cover with the second ball of dough.

- Cut diamond and decorate (Optional..) 

- Heat a non stick pan.

- Cook both sides until it is golden brown. 


And here's a little video: how  to prepare these cakes ???



bradj algerien

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chouffi dabri rassek il faut que tu m'envois hhahahahah j'adore l'ebradje et pour le moment g pas du tt le temps pour les préparer grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.