Algerian Sweets Kefta and Mauresque

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kefta algerienne


 An unbaked Algerian sweet, easy and quick to prepare that you can decorate as you like. I add to my photos of kefta (above) already published on my blog, photos of mauresues (below) of my dear friend Malikos. I have already tasted her cakes and they are a true delight every time, too bad I live far from her otherwise I'll have coffee every afternoon at hers .. lol


gateau algerien kefta mauresque



2 cups ground almonds

1 cup  of icing sugar

1 tbsp of Vanilla extract

Egg white or syrup (recipe here)  (preferably syrup lol) 


1 part ground cookies + 1 part ground walnuts or 2 parts of grounf almond
2 tbspof butter

1 part sugar




sugar paste
Food coloring 



In a bowl, combine almonds, sugar and vanilla, add egg white or syrup and mix until a dough forms  

Prepare the stuffing by mixing the biscuit and nuts or the almonds with the sugar and butter, then add  honey until it forms a soft dough. 

Roll the dough 3-5 mm thick and cut shapes using cookie cutter 

Roll the stuffing of the same thickness and cut with the same cookie cutter  

Put a piece of almond dough, then top with a piece of stuffing, then cover with another piece of almond dough. 

Cut flowers and leaves with marzipan or sugar paste and set them on the cake. 

For the mauresques: with a small paintbrush, color the edges of the


gateau algerien kefta

kefta mauresque algerienne

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