Back from Istanbul, Turkey -- A Culinary and Gastronomic Trip--

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Back from Istanbul, Turkey


                           A Culinary and Gastronomic Trip


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Turkish cuisine is one of the four distinguished cuisines of the world. The cuisine is very elaborate and we observe all kinds of vegetables, natural herbs, fruits, meat, fish etc. ... Surrounded by three seas, Turkey is a paradise for fish  and seafood lovers.  You will find  vendors everywhere in Istanbul  selling mussels with lemon and grilled fish.   Doner kebabs cooked on a vertical spit and shish kebab, lamb kebabs are a worldwide reputation and are delicious. The simple preparation of rice is enriched with the incorporation of all kinds of herbs, spices, vegetables and meat. Rice is often served as accompaniment to the main dish. The boreks stuffed with spinach, meat or vegetables, etc., prepared with sheets of pastry are excellent. Yogurt is consumed in almost every meal. Added to the dishes during or after cooking, it is used extensively. With the addition of water, it is transformed into Aryan. The green and black olives are eaten at breakfast served with a mixture of olive oil, oregano and red pepper and feta cheese. Deserts are very varied, milk, sugar syrup or honey. Different kinds of Baklawa, Loukoum (Halwat el halkoum) and other sweets are very well exposed in all the pastry shops. The spice bazaar is a paradise for spices, there are all sorts of spices, ground or not with a magnificent mixture of colours and odours. I ate many different dishes and appreciated all of them  and I'm very glad that it has really enriched my culinary knowledge. I am back of course with several recipes that you will discover in the coming days on my blog (I do not want to spoil your appetite now lol).



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What great pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

couscousandpudding 10/12/2010 16:48