Semolina Cakes with Honey

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Semolina Cakes with Honey


mbasses, gateau de semoule 

As promised here is the recipe for semolina cakes with honey stuffed with a mixture of dates and figs that I prepared this Eid instead of the Makrout that  I normally prepare each Eid. It's the same taste as the Makrout  but easier to prepare,, lol. You can dip them in honey or you can eat them dry, they are also good ... ...




3 measures of fine semoline
1 measure of ghee
3-5 tbsp of icing sugar (to taste)
1 / 2 tsp baking soda
Orange flower water

Stuffing: Date + fig paste



Combine semolina, sugar and baking soda, add ghee.
Add the orange flower water little by little until a dough forms. Do not knead.
Shape into a ball, stuff with the mixture date and fig, close and roll into a ball
Put in a mould, then gently press and remove
Bake in a preheated medium oven.
Dip in honey



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heni 09/15/2010 17:45

I love your maamoul variation -using figs I love figs!