Unbaked Cakes with Marzipan

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Unbaked Cakes with Marzipan



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For the last day of Ramadan and the day before the Aid El Fitr, I'm repeating these two recipes for quick baskets of flowers and Kefta with Almond Paste or Marzipan. Already published on my blog but because today is cleaning day and the final preparations for The Aid,  I will not have time to publish a new recipe. But I promise you lots of new recipes after Eid Inshallah ... Bizzz

Kefta Flower (recipe here)


Flowers Baskets (recipe here)

Many of you have visited my blog during this holy month of Ramadhan, it was a pleasure for me to share my table with you, I hope that my recipes have helped you to  prepare nice meals and helped you to avoid asking yourself the famous and my own current question:

What am I going to cook today??????????????

WACH or ANTAYAB EL YOUM ?????????? lol

Please remain faithful to my blog ... thank you


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