Unbaked Cakes for EID (l’AID)

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Unbaked Cakes with BIMO Biscuits



As promised here is the recipe for my unbaked cake,  fast and easy to make, that I decorated it with icing and chocolate to make them beautiful. I'm sorry for the delay since the weekend (shopping, etc. .. out) I have not found the time to post it. BIMO ,,????? You will tell me waoooooooo you can find BIMO in England?  Unfortunately not so every time I return from Algiers I  bring back lots with me because I love them.   For me it is the best cookie in the world with coffee and milk (of course after those that I prepare at home hahahaha). But of course you can use any other biscuits. You can add to these cakes any grounded nuts etc. that you like and you can flavor them to your taste, for me it was the coconut, of course as I had to finish the package, lol




1 paquet of  grounded biscuits (bimo)
1 cup butter, melted
2 tbsp of  powdered milk
2 tbsp  flour
1 tbsp  Cocoa
3 tbsp of coconut (or more depending on taste)
1 tbsp  vanilla

Syrup (prepared with 1/2 l water and 130g sugar)
1 tbsp lemon
1 egg white
Icing sugar
Food coloring


Mix the flour and milk and toast on a low heat.
Add to the  mixture, the grounded biscuits, cocoa, vanilla and coconut.
Add the butter and gradually the honey. Mix well until a stiff dough forms.
Roll out the dough and cut circles and then put in refrigerator for at least 1-hr.

Prepare the syrup: Combine water and sugar over a low heat  until the syrup thickens slightly.
Cool, then add the egg white and lemon.
Stir in sifted icing sugar little by little until the mixture is neither liquid nor hard to check spread the frosting on one cake.

Dip the cakes in the icing and let to dry for a few seconds, then garnish with half a nut or silver beads etc. ..
Let to dry and decorate with melted chocolate


gateaux au bimo


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