Economic and Easy Algerian Cakes for AID (Eid)

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Economic and Easy Algerian Cakes for AID (Eid)

Here are some easy and economic recipe, with Halwat Turk, Halwat Halkoum, Dates, Coconut or Jam already published on my blog while waiting for new recipes. You can find more recipes in categories Algerian sweets and Cakes+ cookies ...









Date Filled Algerian Sweets (Recipe here)















Algerian Sweets Stuffed with Turkish Halwa (Recipe here)













Cookies Cutter Biscuits, Halwat Etabaa (Recipe here)








maamoul aux dattes







Maamoul with Dates Manal Al Alem (Recipe here)  






Picture 1111






Jammy Biscuits (Recipe here)









 mchouwak a la noix de coco






Coconut Mchewak (Recipe here)









Losanges au flan






Icing Sugar Coated Sweets with Flan (Recipe here)














Little Baskets of Turkish Delight (Recipe here)







gateau sec enrobe de noix de coco







Eid Flower (Recipe here)















Unbaked Cakes (Recipe here)

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