Stuffed Artichokes

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Stuffed Artichokes      --      ضولمة قرنون    



artichaud farcis


Today I share with you my dinner from last night, artichokes stuffed with meat and béchamel sauce. These were fried and then cooked in a  sauce with meat and peas. I cook this dish a lot because I love artichokes but I'd never fried them  before dipping them into the sauce and I can tell you that I’ll do it this way every time from now on because it was delicious. You can also stuff the artichokes with mashed potatoes mixed with béchamel instead of minced meat. For me I used half cooked artichokes.


500gr meat cut into pieces
A handful of peas
1kg Artichoke
250g minced meat
1 onion
Béchamel sauce
Salt, black pepper, cinnamon


In a pan fry the meat with the chopped onion  for 10 min.

Season. Cover with water and cook for 30min.

Prepare the filling: Mix the minced meat with 2 tbsp of thick béchamel sauce. Season.

Stuff the artichoke hearts with a little filling, cover the stuffing with flour then fry in hot oil. Drain.

Place stuffed artichokes in the sauce, add the peas and simmer until it is cooked and the sauce is reduced.

Serve with lemon juice and minced parsley.


artichauds artichaud farcis en sauce


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