Minced meat Fritters or Maakouda in Sauce

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Minced meat Fritters or Maakouda in Sauce


                            El Mbattane    المبطن


beignets de viande hachee en sauce 

During the month of Ramadan, I love everything that is croquettes, fritters or maakouda (cauliflower fritters recipe here), I was going to prepare an Hachis Parmentier for yesterday’s dinner but I thought it will be too dry for
dinner so without hesitation I prepared this very appetising dish . You will say oh more kilos, but hey I will move on strict diet,  grilled meat and steamed vegetables  after Ramadhan, lol
                                                       Have a Good weekend


500g meat cut into pieces
2 onions
One handful of chickpeas
400g minced meat
1 egg
Salt, black pepper, cinnamon, saffron


Fry the pieces of meat with 2 tbsp of oil and one grated onion. Season.

Add 1/2l water and the chickpeas then cook until the sauce is reduced.

Prepare mashed potatoes.

Sauté the minced meat with the other onion in 1 tbsp oil. leave to cook.

Mix the minced meat with the mashed potatoes (2 parts meat  to 1 part mashed), add the parsley and egg. Season.

Shape into small balls, roll in flour and flatten into fritters.

Cook the fritters in hot oil. Drain.

To serve arrange the meat and chickpeas on a plate, place the fritters and drizzle with sauce.

Serve with lemon juice.


beignets de viande hachee elmbattan

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