Potato and Cheese Bourak

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Potato and Cheese Bourak



bourak de Pommes de Terre


Today I share with you another recipe for Bouraks that I served to accompany a vegetable soup that I prepared to take a break from the Chorba .. (well just two days) lol ..
                                                         Saha ftourkoum


1 kg potatoes
12 Diouls
1/2 l milk
4 green onions
Hot pepper (Felfel mraked)
Grated Cheese


Cook the potatoes in salty water. make a puree with the milk.
Add the onion cut into thin slices, pepper, parsley and some grated cheese . Season.
Put 1 tbsp of the puree on a dioul sheet.
Roll into Bourak
Fry in hot oil, or bake in the oven or in the tefal Actifry



boureks Boureks de Pommes de Terre

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