Fennel and Meatballs Gratin

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Fennel and Meatballs Gratin



gratin de fenouil aux boulettes de viande hachee



I  prepared a fennel tajine for the first day of Ramandhan that I forgot to take pictures of once cooked. As I still  had some fennel left I wanted to eat  a gratin  as a change from tajines. My friend Nawel suggested to me this recipe that looks like my recipe for a courgette gratin  (recipe here) and which is different from the gratin of fennel  that I usually prepare. A gratin with both  béchamel and the tomato sauce that was very appreciated by the entire family. A treat ... ....

                                      Thanks Nawel .


4 Fennels
Béchamel Sauce (recipe here)
Tomato Sauce  (recipe here)
350g minced meat
1 egg
Grated Cheese



Cook the fennel in a steamer


Mix the minced meat with the egg. Season and roll into balls.

Cook the meatballs in the tomato sauce.

Arrange the fennel in a baking dish.

Put  the meatballs and tomato sauce in the middle of the dish.

Coat each fennel with the  béchamel sauce.

Sprinkle with grated cheese .

Cook in a moderate oven.


gratin de fenouil gratin de fenouil aux viande hachee 2

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Doreen 08/20/2010 00:14

Love your recipes, please keep them coming. I would love for you to publish the fennel tagine if you could.

couscousandpudding 08/20/2010 15:22

thx, I'll do it just for you,,probably mid of next week..xxx