Algerian Chicken with Chips -- Algerian Kbab --

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Algerian Chicken with Chips

                                                 -- Algerian Kbab --


Kbab Algerien


So what to say about this dish, chicken and chips in sauce, so simple but very tasty ..
                                                    Saha ftourkoum



1 kg potato
1 onion
2 tbsp oil
A handful of chickpeas
salt, black pepper, cinnamon
1 egg
Juice of 1 lemon



In a saucepan, sauté chicken, gated onion  in 2 tbsp of oil, Season
Cover with water and cook over low heat for 30min. Add chickpeas
Wash, cut the potatoes into chips. Fry until golden brown.
When the chicken is cooked, pour the chips in the sauce. Simmer for a few moments.
Mix egg with parsley and lemon juice.
Sprinkle the surface with the egg mixture.



kebbab, poulet frites

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