Happy Ramadhan 2010

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Happy Ramadhan 2010





Fasting is both a physical and a spiritual exercise. The person who is fasting is required not just to keep away from eating and drinking but as well from any act which displeases Allah. He should not engage in any evil behaviour. He should not say bad things nor quarrel with anyone. Fasting throughout Ramadhan trains one to control his desires. It also teaches one to discipline their behaviour. Fasting helps one to strengthen his will-power. It also develops a person’s endurance and steadfastness. Fasting provides Muslims with the opportunity to experience the hunger and thirst suffered by many starving people in this world. A Muslim will then be able to show sympathy, and be prepared to help and support  the more deprived people. On this please help our brothers and sisters all over the world and in Pakistan in particular following the recent flooding by donating any amount you will be able to..







I'd like to wish you a blessed and a happy Ramadan, May Allah accept from us and from you. May our fasting, prayers, reading Coran and other worship this month be pleasing to Allah. May He make it easy for us and strengthen us by it.



Saha Ramdhankoum

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mimi 08/10/2010 23:56

Baraka allou fik miamantiiiiiiii, tsoumou bessaha belhna .
dis mimanti est t'as déja mis kelb elouz ou non ? j'aimerai bien le faire inchalah .merci d'avance.