Scottish Shortbread

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Scottish Shortbread 





Today I present this light and crisp Scottish shortbread, well shortbread with the image of thistles on it. This is easy to make and can be in any shape, its doesn’t have to be Scottish LOL….





175g flour

50g cornflour

50g caster sugar

115g butter




Sift together the flour, cornflour, and sugar into a large mixing bowl.

Rub in the butter until a soft dough forms.

Press the dough into the mould and press gently but firmly to fit neatly.

Invert the mould on to a baking sheet.

Bake in a preheated oven GM3, 160C for 35-40min.

Sprinkle a little caster sugar over the top.

Leave to cool on the baking sheet before serving.



scot1 scot3

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Séverine Lustucrubleu 06/12/2010 23:17

C'est super jolie*! Et ca doit être bon!

piratt 06/06/2010 12:08

d' ou est ce que vous avez acheter ce moule?

couscousandpudding 06/07/2010 10:23

en Angleterre..

mimi 06/04/2010 12:53

mmmmmmmmmm sa donne envieeeeeeee.merciiiii.

Touria 06/04/2010 10:54

gorgeous bread