Happy Birthday my little princess Melissa

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Happy Birthday my little Princess Melissa



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Yesterday was my little princess birthday.  3 years of joy and happiness, each day that passes I realise that I'm lucky to have them, so as expected we went out for a walk, lunch, and of course we have spoiled our snow white (digital camera, bike, vacuum cleaner, etc.) and as melly did not want to get home (I understand after a day of dream lol) so I decided to buy the cake. Returning to the house I realised that I forgot the cake (no way to go out again because of the traffic) so I decided to prepare her a quick cake and the problems begin: no whipped cream, not adequate tools for the deco (must be somewhere) What should I do? so I quickly prepared a sponge and butter cream. The cake  has brought joy to my little treasure and to everyone as I had 2 shares lol .. but I realised this morning after downloading the pictures that was too much light on the cake. 


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Sophie 04/22/2010 21:43

Tu l'as bien gaté ta petite princesse!! Je lui souhaite un bon anniversaire!!

mimi 04/22/2010 14:03

machalah , joyeux anniversaireeeee ma belle melly betoil la3mor inchalhhhhhh, et bravo maman pour le gateauuuu.