Spinach Pie

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Spinach Pie




Today I share with you my lunch, Spinach and béchamel Pie. I cook this a lot as I found it’s the best way to get my kids to eat spinach…






Shortcrust Pastry

500g Spinach 

Béchamel Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste

Grated cheese





Cook the Spinach

Make the Béchamel sauce

Divide the dough in half.

Roll the first half on a lightly flour surface.

Line the dough in a greased pie tin.

Spread the mixture of spinach and béchamel filling on top of the dough

Add grated cheese.

Roll the rest of the dough.

Cover the filling with the second pie crust. While welding the edges of the pie.

Brush with a little beaten egg.

Bake in preheated oven for 45-50 min GM5




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Charles Fortner 10/12/2010 15:02

Where can I get the cutter for the top crust of this pie? It's probably not available in the US but I would be willing to buy it online and have it shipped here-very good look!

couscousandpudding 10/12/2010 16:50

i got it from:


contact me if they don't ship to The US...thxxx

sana 04/20/2010 12:46

c'est trés joli j'ai me beaucoup la déco de t apâte bise$$

bigmumy - Ma cabane aux Délices 04/20/2010 02:10

c'est vraiment très beau !!! ça m'intrigue de voir le pochoir qui a servi à faire le dessus de la pie
en tout cas bravo
bonne nuit ()

cuisine de myriam 04/19/2010 22:14

elle est tres belle et tres appetisante bravo,bisou ***

mimi 04/19/2010 18:16

c toi ki a fait ce décord ? c beau et je ss sur ke c tres bonnnnnnnnnn