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Here, you'll find Algerian and international recipes, detailed step by step with photos. Passionate about good food, I love all that is tasty, successful, quick and easy to prepare.Iam sharing with you what is on my table, food that I, my husband and my children like to eat. Ideas,tips and recipes from all over the world discovered through my travels.

Hope you enjoy it!

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caroline 02/19/2010 13:40

vos recettes sont tres interessantes peut on esperer la traduction en français merci

couscousandpudding.over-blog.com 02/19/2010 23:31

oui bientot...

ginanany 02/17/2010 21:54

qu'elle belle imagination pour ces crepes bravo tout le monde se regale

couscousandpudding.over-blog.com 02/18/2010 19:21


Meriem 02/11/2010 21:43

bravo bravo mimanti well done may dear ,i'll visite your blog every day to copy your menu loool.

couscousandpudding.over-blog.com 02/11/2010 21:55

you are welcome...