100 cupcakes for kids

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cupcakes pour enfants


 Yes not 10 not 20 but I did 100 cupcakes for the my daughter's school party, oh yessss 100. I prepared the cupcakes on Friday night and I started decorating Saturday morning at 5 am  to finish just in time for the party at 10:00. Its not possible

to get everything perfect when you have a hundred  cupcakes to finish in 5 hours lol, but they went so quickly that the children didn't  have time to check if they were perfect or not, the most important thing for them they were nice and  full of colour.. lol. Lucky I had taken pictures before leaving  because after just 5 min the trays were empty lol and I got back home with 2 orders for cupcakes before the end of the year lol. These cupcakes are vanilla and chocolate and other 2 new recipes that I will  publish in the coming days (I'm still stuffed with cupcakes lol).



cupcakes for kids

 cupcakes pour enfant

 kids cupcakes

 cupcakes pour enfants-copie-1


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